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Frequently Asked Questions About
DWD Learning Center for Wisconsin

1. Do I have to create a Logon?

Yes, to gain access to DWD Learning Center for Wisconsin online services you will be required to create a Logon.

The unique logon that you create will be used to identify you when accessing online services; this information is confidential and should not be shared with others. Do not give your user name and password to ANYONE.

2. Can you walk me through the steps?
Yes, after you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
  • Step 1 - Create a logon if you do not have one.
  • Step 2 - Print your logon information; and remember your password.
  • Step 3 - Logon using the logon you have created.
  • Step 4 - Once logged on, begin training assigned to you.
3. Can I use the same logon as UI/JCW/KIDS? Do I have to use it?

Yes, Unemployment Insurance (UI), Job Center of Wisconsin (JCW) & Wisconsin Child Support Online Services (KIDS) agencies use a logon to access their online services that you can use to access DWD Learning Center for Wisconsin!

You don’t have to use it, but we recommend you logon using that existing logon if you already have one set up. Just for ease in remembering, but it is not required.

Note: If you shared a UI/JCW/KIDS Logon with other people or if you disclosed your Logon with others in the past, please use a different logon so that others will not have access to your training records. Please be aware that you may be held responsible for training taken by others without your permission if you share your access credentials with others. Do not share your logon with others!

4. What if I forget my Logon? Do I create a new one?

No, if you forget your logon do not create a new one. First, attempt to change them immediately following the instructions. Creating another logon will only delay your access to online services.

If you continue to have trouble contact the IT Solutions Center (608-266-7252) as instructed. When calling, be sure to identify what services you are attempting to access. (ex. UI, JCW, KIDS, DWD Learning Center for Wisconsin etc)